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45 years ago, Mark Grebner founded a small voter data firm in East Lansing that relied on data entered meticulously by hand on mainframe computers rented from MSU in the wee hours of the morning.  Clients were provided lists produced by dot matrix printers on 4 x 6 inch notecards.  The times have certainly changed but Grebner's desire - obsession - to maintain the most accurate voter file in Michigan endures.  Millions of dollars have been invested in building and maintaining the file that wins the most elections in Michigan.     


"​The Grebner List" as it is commonly known, has played a major role in electing candidates running for nearly every office in Michigan.  Over five decades, the success stories are in the hundreds, with clients past and present walking the halls of our state Capitol building, serving as mayors and county commissioners, school board members, and even making it all the way to the White House.

"the keepers of the best list possible in Michigan"
- The New York Times

In addition to our unmatched voter data, we continue to offer polling services that provide clients accurate insight into a given race or issue using advanced methodology while maintaining a very affordable price.

In recent years, we've grown to be the industry-leader in Michigan for petition and ballot initiative services, including strategizing on and authoring initiative language, working to verify or challenge signatures, and working closely with organizations and stakeholders to navigate the complicated initiative process. 

While now operating under a (slightly) new name, new firm, and new ownership, Mark Grebner and the products he's developed continue to serve as the gold standard for serious contenders in Michigan politics.





Practical Political Data provides campaigns with accurate lists of voters in their community that are likely to vote in a given election.  Some of our data points include name, address, phone number, donor history, likelihood of being a Democrat or Republican, likelihood of voting by absentee ballot, information like organization memberships, occupation, and issue support, and much more.  We offer a range of data packages to fit the needs and price point of any campaign.


Practical Political Data offers polling options for campaigns of all sizes.  Due to our advanced polling methodology paired with data we have collected on voters across the state, we are able to provide accurate polling at a very affordable price with analysis, crosstabs, and respondent ID's.

Additionally, Practical Political Data runs statewide door-to-door straw ballot surveys to test potential ballot language for initiative groups making important decisions before investing millions of dollars on a public campaign.


As Michigan's leading petition services firm, we've successfully worked with many organizations as well as partisan and judicial candidates to either validate their signatures and petitions protecting them against challenges, or challenging the validity of signatures for those we are working to disqualify.


We've worked with organizations like Planned Parenthood to disqualify a restrictive reproductive health proposal, Voters Not Politicians to create the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, One Fair Wage to raise Michigan's minimum wage, as well as organized labor, environmental groups, and for marijuana legalization efforts, among others.  We are the go-to firm for judicial candidates interested in reviewing the petitions of opponent candidates.



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